•   10 months ago

Communication Platform with Organizers

Hi, Is there any platform like discord or slack where we can communicate and ask questions directly to organizers. Also, stay updated if there are any changes or so. If its not there can there be any made?


  • Manager   •   10 months ago

    Hi Dishant,

    Thanks for the suggestion! I've sent this on to the team to see if they want to make a channel as suggested. For now, please feel free to post your questions here and we will try to answer in a timely manner.

    Happy Building!

  • Manager   •   10 months ago

    Hi Dishant,

    The DrChrono team has a Google Group where they answer support questions directly. Please join the below group and any technical questions for the DrChrono team to answer.


    Thank you,

  •   •   10 months ago

    Thank you! This helps

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