•   10 months ago

GitHub access clarification

My project is now in a private repo. I don't want to make it public since it includes credentials. What email address can I invite to the repo so it can be used to access the project?


  • Manager   •   10 months ago

    Hi Ed, We are currently asking for all code repositories to be public. I've asked the team if there is a way around this and will get back to you here.

    Thank you,

  •   •   10 months ago

    The problem with public repos for Apps that use 3rd party services is the keys / certificates are in the repo. Perhaps I can zip the project as part of the submission?

  •   •   10 months ago

    I included the project files in the zip file I uploaded for the project. An iOS dev should be able to build the project from them. Is that sufficient?

  • Manager   •   10 months ago

    Hi Ed,
    The team has decided to accept private repositories. Feel free to share your private repository with angeline.nguyen@drchrono.com and testing@devpost.com. Let me know if you have any questions.

    Happy Building!

  •   •   10 months ago

    Great. I sent invites to both.

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