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Submission Requirements

Can you clarify everything needed for a valid submission?

The rules are not completely clear. I have an iOS project as a private repo on GitHub. I'll make a 5 minute video and link to it. What else is required?

Note, the app needs a password to access the test account. How do I supply it?
The repo is private. How do you want to access it?
To build the app, you will need a developer account. Is that an issue?
The app writes documents to a test patient in my DrChrono account. Will you need to access my account to see the results?


  • Manager   •   10 months ago

    Hi Ed,
    I hope to clarify things here for you.

    Here is a quick list of all that is required in the submission: Project that meets requirements, text description, slide deck, 5-minute demonstration video, list of technologies and data sets used, public link to your solution code on GitHub, and access to the working project. This list can be found on the overview page under 'Requirements' and further details can be found in the rules under 'Submission Requirements'.

    Access must be provided to an Entrant’s working Project for judging and testing by providing a link to a website, functioning demo, or a test build. If Entrant’s website is private, Entrant must include login credentials in its testing instructions. You can add these instructions and the note about needing a developer account into your Text description.

    I suggest just showing the DrChrono account side (writing documents to the test patient) in the demo video as we should only need access to the project.

    Please note that we are asking for a public code repository. I'll ask the team if there is a way around this.

    Thank you,

  •   •   10 months ago

    What needs to be in the public github repository for this contest? My backend services do a long list of risk assessment calculations and content management and report generation and NLP evaluation -- the core IP of our service. Do you need to just see the drchrono interface code or all of our code?

  • Manager   •   10 months ago

    Hi Dave,

    I've asked the team about accepting private repositories in the submissions or possible workarounds. It sounds like a few projects would rather provide private repository access due to some sensitive information being within the repo. I'll be sure to respond here once I get an update.

    Thank you,

  • Manager   •   10 months ago

    Hi Dave and Ed,
    The team has decided to accept private repositories. Please share your private repository with angeline.nguyen@drchrono.com and testing@devpost.com. Let me know if you have any questions.

    Happy Building!

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